Leaf Removal & Fall Lawn Care

Leaf Removal Service Near Me

Fall Lawn & Landscape Services

There is a lot of yard work to do in the lawns and landscapes of Maryland during the fall.

Urban Turf is a local landscape company ready to collect and remove fallen leaves, trim shrubs into shape for the holidays, or spread a fresh layer of mulch on your garden beds.

Request your free quote today to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.  We also offer lawn aerating and grass seed services in the fall.

Leaf Removal Service

Leaf removal is the most requested lawn and landscape service each fall!

We have the proper equipment to collect and remove leaves from large and small properties alike.  Our leaf removal service begins with our landscape crews blowing and raking leaves towards the street or into piles for collection.  We pick up fallen leaves from lawns, landscapes, and paved surfaces on your property and then completely remove them from your property!

Request your free leaf removal quote today to get pricing for your lawn.

Fall Lawn Maintenance Service

List of Fall Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services: 

  • Leaf Removal (Includes collection & disposal)
  • Shrub trimming
  • Mulch Refreshing
  • Aerating & Overseeding
  • Fall Lawn Fertilization
Fall Landscape Maintenance Service Near Me

Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

Get the most bang for your buck by having your plants trimmed in the fall!

The plants in Maryland go dormant over the winter months and many plants should be pruned in the fall for best results.  Since the plants will not be growing much, if at all, over the winter months, shaping up your shrubbery in the fall leaves your plants looking their best all winter long.

Fall Mulch Refreshing

Mulch installation is much more popular in the spring but many of our customers like a fall mulch refresh service so their garden beds are looking their best for the holidays.

Before and After Leaf Pick Up

Fall Lawn Care

To complete our fall lawn and landscape services we offer fall lawn care services such as lawn aerating and overseeding and fall fertilization applications.

The climate in the fall is most ideal for any type of grass seed or sod service, and it is the best time to fertilize your lawn as well because the grass plants can store the nitrogen to be ready to begin growing again when spring rolls back around.

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