Lawn Treatment Services

Thick green grass in a residential back yard.

Lawn Fertilization

The goal of our lawn treatment program is to provide your turf with all of the nutrients it needs to thrive in just the right amounts at just the right time.

With our program, you will not experience rapid growth spurts following an application.  We use slow-release fertilizer to evenly distribute the nutrients into your soil over time keeping your lawn even-steven and as green as can be at all times.

To complement our lawn care programs we also offer related services such as lawn aerations, overseeding, and sod installation.

Lawn Treatment Program Details

Our lawn treatments provide your turf with all of the nutrients it needs to thrive.  We use a variety of different fertilizers throughout the year to feed your lawn exactly what it needs, when it needs it the most.

Your lawn will not experience rapid growth spruts after our lawn applications.  The fertilizer is slow-release and delivered to your grass’ root system over a period of weeks.

Weeds do not stand a chance!  We know controlling the weeds in the lawn is a top-priority for most home-owners when they hire a lawn treatment service like Urban Turf.  We have you covered.  Along with fertilizing your turf properly, our program also systematically controls even the toughest of weeds.

Our treatments address:

  • Turf health
  • Future Weeds
  • Existing Weeds
  • Unwanted insects
  • Fungi and turf disease
Dandelion flowers arranged on a lawn in the shape of a smiley face.

Weed Control To The Rescue

Don’t let that dandelion smiley face fool you!  When weeds try to take over your lawn they can turn that frown upside down quickly.  

We aren’t scared of the weeds in your lawn.  In fact, if you hire us, we bet they leave!  Weed control is a major focus with of our lawn treatment program.

Preventative weed control is used to limit the possibility of future weeds entering your lawn and any existing weeds in your lawn will be addressed quickly as well.

Really green grass in a front lawn without any weeds.

Urban Turf For All Your Lawn Care Needs

We aren’t just a dedicated ‘lawn care company.’  We also offer lawn and landscape maintenance companies.  Make your life a little easier and just work with 1 company to handle any or all of your lawn and landscape needs.  Many of our lawn treatment clients also have us mow their lawn.