Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn mower in a back yard that is being cut by Urban Turf

Professional Lawn Mowing

We only use professional grade lawn equipment and all of our mowing team members are highly trained.  Our goal is to impress you every time we swing by to mow your lawn.


Weekly Mowing Service

We much prefer to mow lawns on a weekly schedule, but are happy to accommodate bi-weekly mowing schedules. We cater to our regular clients so we do not offer 1-time mowing services.

Check Grass Cutting Off The To-Do List!

Cutting grass is the backbone of our business and something we thoroughly enjoy doing.  Don’t forget we also can maintain your shrubs, treat any weeds in your lawn or refresh the mulch in your landscape beds.

Box truck setup for mowing lawns professionally.
40 Dollar Lawn Mowing Coupon

Reliable, Detailed Mowing Starting at $40

Stop stressing about finding the time to mow your own lawn or if the neighbhorhood kid is going to show up this week.

We have the right tools and love what we do.

Check mowing off your to-do list today.  Contact us now!

Every mowing service includes: 

  • Grass Cutting
  • String Trimming
  • Lawn Edging
  • Clipping Cleanup
Front of House with Angle Cut Patter in Grass

Lawn Trimming & Edging

There is more to a professional grass cutting service than simply mowing the lawn itself.

The trimming and edging are the details that really make the lawns we maintain stand out from the neighbors.  We mow, trim, edge, and blow each and every visit.

A Freshly Mowed lawn with Truck and Equipment in the backround

We’re Ready To Cut Your Grass

If you’re ready, so are we.  Please do not hesitate to request your free lawn mowing estimate today.  We understand you need to know the cost before you can make your decision.

What You Can Expect If You Hire Us To Mow Your Lawn

You can expect professional quality lawn mowing performed on our agreed upon schedule like clockwork.  We are not another guy with a truck and trailer calling himselve a ‘landscaper.’

Urban Turf’s employees support themselves and their families by caring for some of the finest lawns in Southern Maryland.  We’d love to add your lawn to our schedule and show you how a lawn care service should be.