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Urban Turf is a local lawn service in Maryland offering lawn aeration and overseeding services along with sod installation and complete lawn renovations.  We also offer fall lawn and landscape maintenance services.


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We love thick, healthy, weed-free turf and if you do too, we’d love to tell you more about our lawn services related to grass seed and sod.

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Why Core Aeration Is So Beneficial

Core aerating your lawn is arguably the single best thing you can do to improve the over health of your lawn.  The ‘cores’ are the soil plugs pulled from the lawn’s soil.  By removing this material, water, and nutrients can more easily reach the root zone of your turf.  It also de-compacts the soil allowing for the roots to spread and dive deeper into the soil more easily.  

The combination of more available water and nutrients and the fact the turf’s roots can more easily retrieve the water and nutrients creates a healthier root system which allows shows as a thicker, healthier lawn on top!

Lawn Aeration Service Waldorf MD

Lawn Renovation Services: 

  • Lawn Aeration (Core Aeration)
  • Core Aerating and Sowing Grass Seed (Overseeding)
  • Sod Installation Service
  • Complete Lawn Renovations
Lawn Seeding Service

To Aerate, or To Aerate and Overseed?

That is a great question!  Core aerating without overseeding, or speading additional grass seed on an existing lawn, is very beneficial by itself.  But, without the addition of new grass seed, new grass should not be expected as part of this service.  You still get all of the benefits a core lawn aeration offers though.

Overseeding immediately after lawn aeration will grow new grass plants that can fill in bare spots and thicken thin areas.  The core aeration preps the soil very well to accept the new grass seed as the seed can fall into all of the holes created.

If you do choose to seed at the time of your aeration, please remember grass seed and young grass plants will need plenty of water to germinate and establish!  Ask us for watering tips!

Sod Installation and Lawn Renovations

If you don’t want to wait for grass seed to germinate, sod installation offers a much faster way to establish turf.  Along with our aeration and overseeing service we also offer sod installation.  We source top-quality sod from local sod farms and prep the lawn’s surface to accept the sod before installation.  Sod does require sufficient watering for weeks after the installation to help it root into the existing soil.

If you need more than seed or sod to get your lawn to where you want it to be, ask us about our total lawn renovation services which can include using machines to turn your lawn back into dirt so we can start over with a blank slate grading out low areas and more during the process.